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Peggy Dlephu, Artist

About Peggy

Peggy is passionate about painting which can be seen in her colourful and vibrant paintings that tell the many tales of Africa though its people, experiences and landscapes.

With bright colours and suggestive figures, Peggy’s art draws you into a world of mystery and wonder – from rural villages, township scenes and African dawns to traditional Masai and Ndebele figures.

Peggy also paints an arresting array of highly-original abstract art.

Visit her 1st floor Art Studio at 66 Main Street in Knysna and take home your own piece of inspiring Africa.

Peggy is also an Accredited Tour Guide and runs regular Township Tours in Knysna

Caring Tours

In the true spirit of Ubuntu (human kindness) she is actively involved in community projects that enrich disadvantage children with art.

Contact Peggy to find out how you can help.

TripAdvisor Reviews

  • “Outstanding"

    “Outstanding township tour, outstanding person”
    "Peggy is a very warm hearted, well connected woman, who build a business and moved out of the township herself. As she put it: "there's no magic". Connected to how life in the township is, we were very impressed by her hard work as an artist and a tour guide. The day we had our tour there was a photo of her and the minister of tourism in the newspaper and she was rightfully proud."  – TripAdvisor, 25 March 2018
  • "Lovely Lady"

    "A really great tour from a lovely lady"
    "Peggy was very accommodating and such a lovely lady. We saw the reviews on Trip Advisor and thought we would book up the tour as we wanted to see the real Africa and a township. Peggy knows everyone on the township and is very well known in the community. We recommend taking lots of sweets for the kids as they seem to sense them and come running from all directions and we ran out within 5 minutes. The tour was really interesting and opened our eyes to the townships. At all times we felt totally safe with Peggy. We went to her studio after and saw the incredible art that she produces."  –  TripAdvisor, 8 April 2017
  • "Charming"

    One of the best little galleries and the most charming artist we've ever met!
    We visited Peggy outside her opening hours but she was so happy to chat with us and tell us about her township projects, work with young people and women, that we didn't want to leave :)

    The painting we bought from her now hangs on our wall and reminds us of her positive energy, her smile and kindness and is one of the best souvenirs we've ever brought back from our travels.  –  TripAdvisor, 29 March 2017
  • "Moving Experience"

    "Peggy's company supports a number of community activities..."
    "Our guide was one of Peggy's team and was a delight. She seemed to know everyone! We stopped many times and our guide explained how the Township had developed and how it was still changing. We were welcomed into one of the local shops, met a lady who welcomed us into her Mandela home, the modern replacements of the apartheid era huts, with minimum basic standards. We spent a long time at a school, something as a retired teacher from the UK I was keen to do. The classes were large, but the children had a yearning to learn which gave us a positive feeling about the future for this generation. It was a treat for us when they sang some lovely traditional songs. Peggy's company supports a number of community activities and this year part of each tour fee is supporting a soup kitchen for children after school, and to provide some basic requirements for a pre-school crèche. Visiting this was an especially moving experience. This is our first visit to SA and this visit has been one of our most memorable."  –  TripAdvisor, 6 February 2018
  • "Excellent"

    "What an excellent, interesting and fascinating experience, our township tour with Peggy!"
    "She is very kind, very well informed and such a friendly character! We visited little shops where we could talk to the sellers and we also visited a pre-school where children sang songs and where could contact the teachers. We got a lot of information!

    We learned a lot from Peggy concerning life in a township. She gave us insight to the social developpement in South Africa after apartheid regime. She answered to all our questions so patiently! We enjoyed her passion for her work and her sense of humor!
    Highly recomended!"  –  Tripadvisor, 10 January 2018





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